The Tamal yoga school has certified hundreds of students from around the world who have gone on to teach at esteemed yoga centers around the globe. You will learn how to teach yoga to beginners and advanced students, you will discover functional anatomy, you will find your voice as a teacher, you will be engulfed in philosophy and you will walk away having had a life changing experience. There are no prerequisites other than having an open mind and a thirst for knowledge.


COURSE TOPICSPracticing and Teaching Yoga Asana
• Pranayama
• Functional anatomy
• Discussions and understanding of different yoga styles
• Adjusting
• Philosophy and meditation
• Yoga diet
• Learning Sanskrit words
• Working with injury
• Creating a yoga sequence
• The business of yoga
• The history of yoga
• Eastern anatomy (chakras, nadis and the subtle body)
• The benefits of yoga

Deposit $250 (non Refundable)
Tuition $2,500 (the first ten people to sign up receive $500 off the total price)
Payment plans are available

Location: Yoga Salt (

What’s included in the pricing:
• Tamal’s Yoga certification program
• Yoga Manual
• Bhagavad Gita
• Meditation paraphernalia

What’s Not Included in the Pricing:
• Anatomy flash cards
• “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S Iyengar
• Yoga Mat
• Yoga Block and Strap

September 11th – November 8th 2015 (9 weeks).
Our meeting days are held on the weekends.



Tamal Yoga School Alumni Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials


“I waited 7 years to take my first 200 hour teacher training because I wanted to find an instructor who inspired me. As soon as I took Tamal’s class, I instantly found the inspiration I was looking for. His classes are fun, challenging, insightful and more importantly, humorous. I signed up for his teacher training right away and could not have been more pleased. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Tamal is not only a world-class instructor, but he embodies what he teaches. He gave me everything I needed to take my teaching to the next level.”
~ Mary Strong Yoga studio owner and NFL Broadcaster

“In the path of yoga, everything happens at the right time.  After practicing for many years and never really giving much thought to becoming a yoga teacher, one day in savasana the light just went on.  At that time, yoga teachers, to me, seemed to live on another plane that I did not feel I could aspire to. Perspective is everything!  Now I believe that taking a yoga teacher training is something that MOST yogis should do, whether they plan to teach or not. I was fortunate that when the time came for me to take a TT those two independent sources, my next-door neighbor and a bartender at the restaurant where I wait tables, recommended Tamal Dodge.  Not only did his TT fit with my schedule but the price was reasonable, which we all know, in this economic climate, is a factor.  I did not know Tamal and had never taken his class.  So I decided to remedy that and I attended one of his classes at Santa Monica Power Yoga.  Sometimes with a teacher, from the first moment you just know that everything is going to great and that you can relax and find your practice, no matter what poses you take.  This was the case with Tamal.  He’s a pretty young dude, but he’s been around the yoga game forever and has the street knowledge to dial in the download on what’s going on in yoga right here, right now.  I can heartily recommend that you take his TT.  It radically changed my life!”
~ Dan Ward Yoga Teacher at Bryan Kest Power Yoga

“The Yoga Teacher Training from Tamal not only prepared me to be a competent Yoga Instructor, it prepared me to further my training as a Yoga Therapist at LMU.  I felt totally confident with my yoga education from Tamal’s Teacher Training when I started teaching my own yoga classes and I was completely ready to continue my education as a Yoga Therapist as well.  I highly recommend obtaining your Yoga Certification through Tamal.  You will feel comfortable with your abilities and have a fantastic base for continuing education.”
~ Jill Froebe Certified Yoga Therapist

“Tamal’s yoga teacher training is the most comprehensive yoga training I have taken that teaches you how to break down vinyasa flow so that you really understand the flow, how to sequence others poses into it, how to teach good alignment and give good adjustments, and how to be a confident teacher by being yourself and finding your own unique style. Tamal’s sense of humor makes his classes so much fun and enjoyable. This, however, does not take away from the value of his knowledge and impeccable information. I learned not only how to teach a yoga class and to be confident in it, but I also learned how to live a yogi lifestyle and Tamal is the perfect teacher by example. His example makes his yoga teacher training unique to any other training out there.”
~ Carly Reeder Yoga Teacher and Pilate’s instructor

“Tamal’s teacher training changed my life.  He creates a fun and nurturing environment for students to gather the tools needed to deepen their yoga practice and teach, using the perfect mixture of yogic wisdom and his own wonderful brand of humor.  I didn’t want to miss a single class.  Months later, whenever I have yoga questions, he responds promptly and thoughtfully.  Immensely grateful to have discovered his teacher training!”
~ Jillian Coogan Yoga Teacher

”Tamal’s teacher training course is thorough, well rounded and fun! It was a joy to attend and learn from a true professional in his field. Newly certified Yoga instructors left the training with a solid knowledge base of Yoga asanas, use of props & modification techniques, nutrition, body mechanics, philosophy, and lots of hands on practice teaching Yoga. Each participant taught Yoga during every class, had the opportunity to teacher-assist Tamal in his LA classes and, the final challenge: teach a Yoga class to the other teachers. It was an amazing value!! I recommend Tamal’s teacher training to anyone serious about becoming a Yoga instructor.”
~ Amy Treadwell Yoga Teacher

“I feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to do my yoga teacher training with Tamal Dodge. I can’t imagine there is anyone else with as much knowledge, passion and dedication than Tamal who shared his experience and expertise with us with such grace and in such detail. The Yoga practice was incredibly inspirational and refreshing and each day he pulled something new out of the bag to challenge us. In short, the Yoga teacher training retreats are nothing short of excellent and I will definitely do my 500-hour with Tamal… Can’t wait and miss the practice immensely!”
~ Usha Patel Yoga Teacher

“Tamal’s comprehensive teacher training course covered everything from basic alignment principles to in depth ancient yoga philosophy. His formal yet relaxed approach created the perfect environment to laugh, learn and grow individually and as a group. I walked away with an even deeper love for yoga and those that walked the path before me, as well as, beautiful new friends. I would recommend Tamal Dodge’s teacher training course to anyone and everyone wanting to dive deeper into yoga and even more importantly themselves. ”
~ Emily Michelle Yoga instructor at Bhakti Yoga Shala and The Yoga Collective 

“Doing the teacher training with Tamal not only expanded my practice tremendously, but allowed me to be more open and accepting in every aspect of life. It was truly transformational, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!”
~Michiala Ashkenazy Yoga Teacher and Artist Santa Monica CA

“Tamal’s yoga teacher training course saved my life. He teaches us to teach our students how to live life as they wish but with love, peace and wisdom for yoga. His teaching skills are beyond amazing.  He is very educated in all aspects of yoga (his resume will speak for itself). His patience with his students and kindness are incredible.  He takes his time with every teacher training course. This is good teaching because it lets the yoga student develop as they will and nothing is forced. Tamal…My students and friends love you because you taught me to be a good yoga instructor.  You taught me to trust myself and my ability to teach yoga…God Bless.”
~Candace Desarro Certified Yoga Teacher

“Tamal is a great teacher and his yoga teacher training program is a great way to move forward along your path as both a student and teacher.  I enjoyed it immensely.  His playful spirit taught me that yoga doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously.  And the training program helped me to gain confidence in myself as a teacher.  Do it!!!”
~ Darren Marc Yoga Teacher

“What a great, life-enhancing experience! I was apprehensive about taking teacher training – I’m older than the average student – but Tamal encouraged me. He created a welcoming environment where I not only took my personal practice to the next level but also received a solid preparation for teaching from a modern-day master of this ancient discipline and philosophy.”
~ Karen Gleason, RYT

“Tamal’s Teacher Training is fun, challenging, and very informative.Tamal is a patient and caring instructor who really helps his students access their inner yogi and learn how to use the tools he provides in a personal and uniquely individual way.”
~ Stacey Holderbach Yoga Teacher

“Tamal’s teacher training is transformational. This course has all the technical elements to make you a strong and informed teacher and the perfect environment help you find and cultivate your teaching style. Tamal goes above and beyond… he creates a community. In this nurturing environment, you will deepen your relationship with your yoga practice and learn how to share that journey with your students.”
~ Amber Ginsberg, Yoga Instructor

“Tamal’s wisdom, sense of humor and knowledge of yoga is incredible…his knowledge is very comprehensible and his first hand experience living the life of a yogi provides a unique perspective.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Tamal’s teacher training.”
~Lisa A. Test, OTD, OTR/L; Certified Yoga Instructor

“Tamal’s TT Program was a very positive transition…a room full of strangers becoming one big ohana. This training has opened my eyes to the wealth we carry within and I only care to share what Tamal has taught me. Which has brought me to alot of amazing places, inside and out.”
~ Christyn Yoga Teacher

“Much like Tamal’s yoga classes, his teacher training was fun, filled with great people, and informative.”
~ Sara Plummer Fitness Model, Dancer, Yoga Instructor