Hatha and Flow Yoga for Beginners

Tamal’s first DVD and international best seller available in every Walmart, Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy,
Bed Bath & Beyond… This DVD takes the student from the basics of hatha yoga through the fundamentals of vinyasa flow.

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Yoga for Energy and Relaxation

Tamal’s second DVD and best seller takes the yogi through a restorative calming practice followed by an additional
practice to invigorate and energize the student of all levels.

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Intro to Yoga

Tamal’s third DVD and best seller includes two uniques practices. One filled with basic postures and simple sequencing for the new student,
followed by a second program for the intermediate or next level practice. Both programs are unique and meant to compliment each other.

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Prana Fusion (Spiritual Music Album)

This eclectic kirtan album takes chants and mantras from around the world and puts them to beautiful melodies that will not only please the ears of the listener but touch the heart.

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