Yoga was mapped out centuries ago by Patanjali, the father of ashtanga yoga, where he wrote down eight sutras consisting of the following topics.

• Yamas (Abstentions)
• Niyamas (Observances)
• Asana (Yoga Postures)
• Pranyama (Breath work)
• Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the senses)
• Dharana (Concentration)
• Dhyana (Meditation)
• Samadhi (Spiritual happiness or bliss)

Most of the world focuses on only two of these profound sutras (asana and pranayam). The reason is the asana and pranyama are relatively easy to engage in compared to exercising the soul…But if we can see the obvious and amazing benefits of the physicality side of yoga (toned muscles, flexibility, and feeling great…) then how would we feel on a visceral level if we dive deep into the other sutras? I think we would find happiness, contentment, compassion and joy!

Food for thought.




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