Changes in our body are meant to remind us that things are temporary. This tends to make us uneasy and frustrated. When we look at our life and the way our body has changed over the years it is easy to see what I am talking about. We are babies then transition into childhood, youth, adulthood and then old age. This is out of our control but instead of fighting the natural progression of aging or any shift in our life for that matter, try looking deeper and see why this is. 

In yoga they say when we age we still feel like the same person, yes there maybe aches and pains in the physical body but “We” feel the same. This is because the soul is ageless. Even after we pass away the body is gone but “We” the souls live on.

In the yoga sutras it says we are spiritual beings that inhabit the body and that we are eternal.
It is only when we identify with the physical body as being “Us” that the aging process disturbs us.
Once we realize we are souls that live on past the body, do we feel at ease and peace with life.

Food for thought

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