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Changes in our body are meant to remind us that things are temporary. This tends to make us uneasy and frustrated. When we look at our life and the way our body has changed over the years it is easy to see what I am talking about. We are babies then transition into childhood, youth, adulthood and then old age. This is out of our control but instead of fighting the natural progression of aging or any shift in our life for that matter, try looking deeper and see why this is.

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In the yoga system it is said that we are not exercising our intelligence until we start to question our existence, our purpose and our reality. When we start to practice this contemplation we are now acting as soul/spirit on the quest for enlightenment. The perfect example is the story of Buddha.



Where we put our effort is where we find our success.
If we drive our energy into the cultivation of material things like money, work, clothes, cars, objects… Then that will be the fruit of our actions in life.


Beyond the Physical?

Yoga is about a constant development of not only the body and the mind, but of the soul as well. The physical practice of asanas and postures are only about 5% of what yoga is really all about. The other 95% consists of meditation, reflection, spiritual practice, and honesty. Yoga eventually becomes a lifestyle and not just a work out :)



Yoga was mapped out centuries ago by Patanjali, the father of ashtanga yoga, where he wrote down eight sutras consisting of the following topics. • Yamas (Abstentions) • Niyamas (Observances) • Asana (Yoga Postures) • Pranyama (Breath work) • Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the senses) • Dharana (Concentration) • Dhyana (Meditation) …